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Trigger the Monster
Based in Granada, Spain

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MID 2021

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Search Of Light, from now SOL, is a steampunk / dark fantasy setting adventure and tower defense mechanics combined with village management, defined as adventure management.

We will get into the story from the perspective of the foreigner, the enigmatic character who must ascend through the levels of the underground to reveal the mystery hidden on the surface. And must do it relying solely on his ingenuity and the help of domestic robots, that still work as assistants for the remaining inhabitants of the underground.

Thanks to the combination of mechanics and setting, the Trigger The Monster team has put on the video game board one of the titles that will undoubtedly be on the wishlist of narrative-loving players, always caring about the challenging aspects of the video game progression. Creating an immersive experience that takes the player further than just fun.


Stories and narrative are some of the aspects lore valued by the players of video games. Even those well-known titles that are born from innovative mechanics strive to incorporate storytelling to create an immersive experience, resulting in a meaningful plot that captivates the players’ loyalty.

Trigger The Monster has incorporated this idea to the video game development from the very beginning.

With a team that loves and knows about what a good story is, the efforts are focused on the development of SOL, a title that starts from a solid and immersive narrative, in combination with challenging tower-defense mechanics and village management, necessary for the progression of the player along the narrative.

In this way SOL becomes a title that incorporates storytelling from birth. Do you imagine the potential of this?


  • Engaging tower-defense mechanic. SOL brings into the video game scenery an innovative genre that combines the resource management and tower defense in an unique way. The progression during the gameplay creates an immersive experience for the player, who will be discovering the story behind the platform world where SOL is set up.
  • Immersive camera movement: 3D side-scrolling camera with movement according to the scenario. In the village everything can be seen from far, but when goes into a narrow cave the camera will approach the character.
  • Gameplay dynamic: The player can activate and upgrade buildings, bring new robots to the village, provide new roles to the robots, explore caves, jump, move items by pushing them, and solve puzzles throughout the story. The player must run away from enemies so that they can not steal the item that activates the village.
  • Progressive narrative: Once the village is big enough, the player can send troops to destroy enemies, bosses and obtain an item that will allow players to level up the village and progress through the adventure, until discovering what lies beyond the underground.
  • Trending visual design:A dark world, with a 3d modeling of scenarios that combine lights and shadows. Designed to involve the player in the underground world where the story unfolds.
  • Every system has been deeply analyzed by Trigger The Monster to create a concept that brings the tower-defense genre towards new players. Providing a story and art concept that suits with the game atmosphere in a way never seen before.


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About Trigger the Monster

We are an indie studio from Granada City, focused on creating combinations of different video game genres with dark themes.

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More information on Trigger the Monster here.


Iván Girón | Founder
Creative Director

Abel Valero 
Script and Narrative

Nat Betancor
Videogame Marketer

Jose Nieto
Concept Artist

 Tifa C. Moles
3d Character Artist

Alvaro Villa
3d Artist

Iván Marques
3d Rigger

Rebeca Sosa
3d Animator

Miguel Martinez
3d Animator

Oscar Cerro
Gameplay Programmer

Ruben Ortega
Gameplay Programmer

Joaquim Camps
Music Composer